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Fall Update

Lend A Hand has completed its trips for the first half of 2023 and would like to announce our dates for the fall.  We will be taking two trips to New Bern, N.C. one from September 10-16 and a second from Oct. 29-Nov. 4.  A third trip will be going to Windsor, N.C. from Dec. 3-9.  

As we attempt to re-energize our volunteer efforts post-pandemic, we also offer two new fall incentives.  One, if you are taking your first trip with us, the cost to you will be $50. Additionally, if you have been with us on other trips the cost for these fall trips will be $125 per trip. (Previous cost was $175). This cost includes accommodations, travel and food. Payment for these trips is not necessary until 2 weeks prior to the trip.