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National Recovery Assistance

Note: It is with regret that Lend A Hand must raise the minimum age limit for volunteers to 18.  This is due to the new Keep Kids Safe initiative in Pa., that would requires all volunteers that might be in a group with someone under the age of 18 to get clearance which would add cost and time to the application process.

Trips to assist in rebuilding areas destroyed by natural disasters are scheduled as needed. Simply click on the schedule for information on where these efforts are taking place. You may register online or you may download and print paper forms to complete.

Register Online

To begin the online registration process you may click the button below. At the end of the registration process you will have the opportunity to pay your  trip fee online ($50 for first time volunteer, $100 for retrunung volunteers) or you may send a check.

Register Online

Register by U.S. Mail

1) To register by mail, download and complete these forms:

2) Check the Schedule to learn the fee for your trip.  Make your check out for $100 (for any 2024 trip) or $50 if you are a new volunteer to the organization. for others to Lend A Hand for trips using the van

3) Send completed forms and check to:

Lend A Hand
Presbytery of Carlisle
2601 N. Front St. Suite 209

Harrisburg, Pa. 17110

Upon receipt of a completed Application, Waiver of Liability, Skills Inventory forms, and a check for the full amount, volunteers are registered on a first come basis as determined by postmark.